Documentary Films


We The Curious / Dir: Phoebe Holman / 6 min / 2020

2020 shares the individual personalities from the Somali Girls Group, reflecting on what it’s like to be a young, black, Muslim, Somali woman living through 2020, a time of great change. Engaging in conversations about race, identity, Covid-19; they hope to dispel some of the common misconceptions about their faith and community.

Come Rain or Shine / Yaz Kis Demeden

Dir: Zeynep Güzel / Turkey / 60 min / 2019

The filmmaker creates the narrative of the questioning journeys made to Armenia from Turkey, reexamining the heritage of trauma, loss and belonging in the unique beauty of contemporary Armenia’s deindustrialized cities.

Featured on Mubi.

Abandoned, Adopted, Here

Dir: Lucy Sheen / 40 min / 2015

Abandoned, Adopted, Here explores issues around transracial adoption through the eyes of a Hong Kong adoptee.

“Adoption is an emotive topic at the best of times but you couple that to dislocating, disassociating and displacing a child from their heritage, history and birth right, what happens to that child, that teenager – the adult?”

Featured in CinéWomen’s 2016 issue.

Changing the World is the Only Fit Work for a Grown Man

Dir: Steve Harrison / 45 min / 2015

Changing the World is the Only Fit Work for a Grown Man is an independent documentary about the 1960s adman Howard Gossage and how he used advertising to “change the world”.

Support Wi en Wi Go Bi

Purple Field Productions & StreetInvest
Dir. Sam Liebmann / 32 min / 2013 / Krio

Support Wi en Wi Go Bi is an educational documentary that portrays the challenges street children face in Sierra Leone, produced for local audience.

The Palm Tree

Parallax Media / Dir: Ronit Meranda / 6 min / 2011

At The Palm Tree pub in East London, a resident jazz trio play at weekends for an audience of two distinct groups: the older regulars, and a younger generation of newcomers to the area. The film captures the nostalgic ambiance of the pub while the band members share their thoughts and memories.

It was developed during the Autumn Film Workshop, produced by Parallax Media, funded by The British Council and Iran Heritage Foundation.