This Time

Dir: Jenji Tchiakpe / Drama / 13 mins / 2024

Chick, a young woman, tries to get her older sister, Lydia – who lives with OCD – to attend what may be their father’s last birthday.


Dir: Holly Holdsworth / Drama / 5 mins / 2024

Desperate for work, an unemployed scuba diver must convince a burnt out recruiter to hire her for a dangerous job.

You Know The Rules

Dir: Owen Tooth / Comedy Thriller / 60 sec / 2024

Carol’s only hope is that she can somehow escape Debbie’s deranged torment.



Dir: Aggie Nyagari / Comedy / 14 min / 2023

Sarah and Martin seek a new housemate to move into their spare room. They conduct 23 interviews with a game of scrabble on the go, each word placed being inspired by the quirky odd balls they encounter.

Funeral of a Marriage Counsellor

Dir: Ronit Meranda / Dark Comedy / 13 min / 2022
Website | IMDb

Premiered at Palm Springs ShortFest 2022

Following the sudden death of their long-term counsellor, a couple take a chaotic stab at rebalancing their relationship, while grappling with their own mortality.


Ctrl Alt Esc

Dir: Ellie Richold / 14 min / 2019 / IMDb

Greta is stuck in a rut, doing an office job that she hates. To make things worse, she seems to be being trolled by adverts featuring a smug doppelgänger.


VS1 Productions / Dir: Ronit Meranda / 10 min / 2016 / British Sign Language
Distribution by NQV Media / Website / IMDb

Lucy and Johanna are on their honeymoon. Johanna is partially, and Lucy profoundly, Deaf. A seemingly insignificant disagreement about the sullen landlady, turns into a hurtful argument, as the noise of the weir dominates the background.


Mbeu Yosintha (Seeds of Change)

Purple Field Productions & YONECO / Dir: Colin Stevens / 58 min / 2014 / Chichewa with English subtitles

Mbeu Yosintha is an educational drama which aims to raise awareness and encourage debate in rural communities in Malawi. Focusing on colourful characters in a rural village the film’s themes deal with new farming methods to cope with lack of rains, deforestation, domestic violence and female empowerment and unemployment.